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3 Quick Tips To Inspire Your Blog Pipeline

Feeling a bit of irony here. I’m tweaking the blog and rummaging through all the different blog topics I have. It’s hard to choose just one to settle on, but I’m overdue on a post. So what better way to answer the “what to blog about” question than to share 3 quick tips to keep your blog pipeline full of ideas:

1. Subscribe to your favorite business related blogs, either via RSS or email. If you keep up with current discussion points, particularly as they relate to your industry, your blog topics will remain relevant. Face it, nobody wants to read old “breaking” news on your blog.  You can’t brand yourself as an “expert” if you’re showing up late to the party.

2. Make a specific web folder, bookmark a variety of blogs and websites, and check them weekly for updates. They don’t all have to be industry-specific. You can include general purpose sites that make you laugh, think, and ignite your creative juices.

3. Pick up a newspaper. No I’m not kidding. When you read the latest news, it can spur a slew of ideas that you can relate to your blog’s central theme. I subscribe to my local business newspaper – both in print and online – and I can find something interesting to write about every day. Now to actually set aside time to write every day, but that’s another subject.

For relatively new bloggers (like myself) the notion of writing a couple posts a week can be daunting. So make it easier on yourself and adopt these quick tips to make sure you have an arsenal of blogging subjects to choose from. Of course I actually use all three tips and then some. I only preach what I practice!

Miss Kemya

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