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Marketing Budget Mindset: Tightwad or Splurger?

I was on a conference call with a PR genius last week and she took a brief poll of all the participants prior to the call. She posed the question: Do you have a marketing budget? Since I work primarily with startups and solopreneurs, this got me to thinking…

For some reason, when people are starting a new business venture, they usually fall into two camps when it comes to marketing budgets: tightwads or splurgers. Now the tightwads don’t want to spend money on anything, thinking their grand business concept will appeal to everyone and magically lead all these fascinated customers straight to their sales door. The others, splurgers, throw money at their new concept and buy a bunch of promotional items they call “marketing” with the business name plastered all over everything. If I gave you a keychain with my business name on it, how can you possibly NOT buy something from me?

If you even remotely recognize yourself as falling into one of these categories, listen up: run to the middleMarketing is not just tee-shirts and mugs, those are promotional items. And please know that I will always, do you hear me, always accept a tee shirt and mug from you with no intention of buying whatever it is you’re selling.

In order to generate sales for your business, you need to market your business.

Your budget doesn’t have to be extravagant (mine isn’t) but you have to at least have a dedicated percentage of your total estimated revenue put aside as your marketing budget. This can be used for promotional items, conference fees, networking events, ads, etc. You must identify a marketing budget and use it wisely in order to market your product or service.

Don’t know where to begin? You are not alone. Many business people really don’t understand they need a marketing budget, nor do they understand what to do with it. Call me, I’ll help you figure it out!

Your competition has a marketing budget, and they know how to use it…

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