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Working Full Time and Part Time Can Work!

I try to start every work day by reading a thought-provoking business article of inspiration to get me motivated. This morning was no exception, and I was inspired to deliver this quick post.

I work at a full-time corporate job while running my consulting business part-time and have done so for several years. It is with this arrangement that I have been able to meet some fascinating people and explore so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to leverage as easily otherwise. All the while I have been able to hone my leadership skills while managing other people’s schedules, projects, and implementing their strategic objectives. I still find time to volunteer time as a mentor, committee member, etc. as I connect the dots between my day job, consulting biz, and personal passions. You’ll never hear me talking about work/life balance, I’m more of a puzzle player!  

For those of you that work corporate 9 to 5 jobs while running your own biz, consider this as a big salute from me! You are not walking the lone path friends! In fact, I recently learned of a new term to identify our activities: hybrid entrepreneurship. Who knew we had a catch phrase?

The key is to pay attention! You can find nuggets of time and opportunities to develop your career and business. Do you know where to look? Have you figured out how to put the puzzle pieces together? You can successfully integrate your day job responsibilities with your part-time entrepreneurial venture in order to maximize your time and actions efficiently. Use technology and social media to your advantage, there are great tools available to help. Even if you are at a job that doesn’t fit with your goals, adjust your lenses and look at your situation differently. How can you use what you have to get where you need to be?

Thank you to Black Enterprise Magazine, LaToya M. Smith and Felicia Joy for inspiring this post. Sometimes it’s nice to read about others that share your approach! Read more in the article that inspired this post:  “What Is Hybrid Entrepreneurship?”

Do you know a business owner that could use a pep talk? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting a business but you’re not sure how to make it work while having a “day” job? Share this blog post and remember: Miss Kemya says GO FOR IT!

Miss Kemya


Taking My Own Advice

Uh-oh, the month is half-way over. For those of you who understood (and probably joined to some extent) my Happy New Year on April 1st, how has the month been treating you so far?

This month I’ve been focusing on redefining my business actions and vision. More importantly, I’m being completely honest with what I want to do and where I envision myself in the next few years. You know what I’ve figured out? That I don’t EXACTLY know where I want to be, and it’s ok! I envision having a virtual marketing consulting business, but how do I get there, being completely virtual? Do I have a full roadmap to get there? Nope, but I’m working on it. Luckily, I interact with some business visionaries that are already successfully pulling this off. They are helping me to achieve this goal with their words of wisdom and advice. I am so fortunate!

Believe it or not, I take my own advice. I’ve been tweaking my website, launched this blog, and have been doing some spring cleaning in my own business. After assessing my first quarter networking activities, I realize I’m on the right track. I’ve made some great connections, actually more than I anticipated. I organized all my contacts and scheduled which second and third quarter events to attend. Stepping out of my comfort zone has led me to some interesting new acquaintances, potentially leading to future opportunities. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey.

Miss Kemya

How’s your business vision? Have you tweaked it lately? Comment and share!

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